Implementation of the NIR curves of Hays and Unifeeds with Nitrogen Fractions

Posted on 27 July 2023 ยท Posted in News

In our current NIR Profiles oh Hays and Unifeeds, protein fractionations are limited to Soluble Nitrogen and ADF bound Nitrogen (Unavailable). Therefore we decided to articulate the fractionation of the nitrogenous component trying to get as close as possible to the CNCPS scheme (Cornell Net Carbohydrate Protein System): the latter provides for 5 fractions with decreasing rumen degradation speed from the maximum of the NPN (Fraction A1) up to complete zeroing with the Nitrogen bound to the ADF (Fraction C) .

For the moment it is limited to hays and Unifeeds. We have plans, in the medium term, to extend it to ensiled forages.

This classification has its natural place within the CNCPS system where… (continues in the attachment “Fractions of Nitrogen in the NIR profile”)

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